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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Vinci 2.0: The First Standalone Wireless Smart Headphones

Have you ever felt uncomfortable to carry your headphones which have to be connected to your smartphone every time?
Had you ever got irritated because of tangled headphones?

You don't need to worry about those things now.
With the introduction of the 'First Standalone Wireless Smart headphone: Vinci 2.0', it has made life easier in a variety of ways.

Vinci 2.0

There is no need to use your smartphone to make any call or play any music, order something, get directions to reach somewhere or any other task. You can do this everything with Vinci smart headphone. 

Now let's have a brief overview of what exactly Vinci 2.0 is.

Vinci 2.0

No need to stay connected with your phone

  • Vinci is a smart headphone which is designed in such a way that there is no need to connect your smartphone. 
  • Even if you leave your phone at home, you can still perform multiple functions just like your smartphones do via Vinci. 
  • If you want to connect Vinci with your phone then it is possible via Bluetooth or wires. 
  • You can access the internet via direct Wi-Fi or through a standalone 3G connectivity. 

Listen to any music

  • You can access any song with this headphones. It doesn't matter whether that song is available in your music library on your smartphone or not, you can still play it. 
  • Vinci offers music streaming from your SoundCloud, Spotify and Amazon Prime music accounts. 
  • It is possible to change songs either via Voice command or through Gestures. 
  • Vinci can even suggest you songs depending on your activity such as an extreme workout or jogging or during traveling. 
  • You can also upload songs to Vinci's local storage which is 8 GB for Vince 2.0 Lite, 16 GB for Vinci 2.0 Pro and its 32 GB for Vinci 2.0 Super.

Audio Controller 

  • You can control the way you want to feel the music either in an immersive way, theater mode or any other way. 
  • Vinci supports Noice Cancellation mode that delivers you with the best audio quality. 
  • You can play the music as per the different scenarios like Gym, Bike, Run, Office, Airplace, Subway, Coffee, and Home. 
  • It is possible to instruct Vinci about your desired mode such as immersive, high quality, theater, airplane mode. 
  • Smart noise cancellation mode is available in Vinci 2.0 Pro and Vinci 2.0 Super

Calls and messages

  • You can make calls and even sent voice messages through Vinci to your contacts. 
  • Vinci works with mobile networks that allow such services. 
  • Doesn't matter whether your phone is nearby you or not, you can still receive calls and can respond to them through this smart headphones. 
  • You can even receive notifications on Vinci so that you won't be missed out on any event.

Fitness Assistant and Guide

  • There is no need for any fitness belt when you have got Vinci with you. 
  • Vince helps you in determining your heart rate and can give the report on how long have you jogged or how much distance is left to complete a milestone during jogging.
  • Vinci can even give you directions to reach a specific destination by examining your current location. 

Battery Life

  • Vinci's battery can last up to 8 hours in standalone playback mode.
  • The battery can last up to 40 hours in Bluetooth playback mode. 


  • Starting from $89

You can also check out its official video below:

This smart headphone has changed the definition of a traditional headphone and evolved to such extent that it can replace your smartphone. 

Vinci has been positively reviewed by Forbes, Digital Trends, Wareable, Engadget and many more organizations. 

You can get more details and can preorder from its official website:

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