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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

FITT360: The first 360° wearable camera ever build.

Most of the time while traveling or hanging out with friends, we tend to capture those precious moments. But it becomes hectic when we need to constantly hold our smartphone and miss out at any moment.

To make it easier, LinkFlow America introduces the world's first wearable 360° camera FITT360, that enables the user to snap everything without holding any device. 
FITT360 is a neckband camera that records the whole scene around you with just one touch.


Now let's have a detailed information about this amusing device:

How can I operate this device?

  • As mentioned before, it is a neckband which has to be worn on the neck. You can start the device with just a single button click. 
  • If you wish to see the ongoing filming, then you need to install the FITT360 application which will be soon available to be downloaded for Android and iOS users. 
  • After the scene has been captured, you can plug the VR handset to watch the video in an immersive manner. 
  • As this device is attached to the neck, so there are fewer chances of it to be damaged, maybe during sports or any breathtaking tasks. 
  • To add more value to this device, it has been made water-proof! 
  • Doesn't matter whether you are traveling or doing any scuba diving, you will be able to capture every precious moment of your trip. 

Components of FITT360

  • Camera:- FITT360 is equipped with 3 HD cameras to deliver the best image and video quality. 
  • Battery:- A Lithium battery that supports 2400mAh and it can last for 90 minutes at full power. Apart from its personal charger, you can also use a mobile charger which can take around 100 mins to fully charge up. 
  • Mic:- A mono mic is attached to this device such that your voice will be recorded while you take images or record any video. 
  • Memory:- This device comes with 128GB SD card that is already fitted in. With FITT360, you can record for 9 hours. 
  • Upcoming accessories:- Around August 2018, FITT360 will be accompanied with selfie stick, earphone, charger, waterproof case, and pouch. 

To understand this device better, the official video is been posted below.

FITT360 will stand out to be the best device ever made in terms to capture every moment we wish to. With this device, the world can move to next level of user experience by focusing on enjoying every second rather than busy in handling any cameras. 

To know more, do visit its official website:

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