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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Intern Theory: Build your profile by doing Internships even from Home!

Many of us might be looking for internships by trying out our contacts, roaming here and there for the sake of a job. But there is no need to do so. You can get internships at home and can even do it without visiting any office.


Intern Theory, one of leading internships and job provider, is been providing this service to grab internships from well-known companies such as BookMyShow, Viacom18, Porsche, GeeksForGeeks, MakeMyResume, LOL Ventures and much more are posting their available positions for students.

The facility to Work From Home is even provided.

So the students don't need to worry if they are currently busy with their studies. Once you are selected for Work From Home, then you can perform your tasks without disturbing your study schedule.

Now let's get started over InternTheory.

InternTheory has 2 portals: For Students and For Companies.

Student Portal:
  • First, students need to visit their official website.
  • Then, they need to register themselves as Student and fill out the details on the Resume. 
  • Set the interests and skills properly so that the website will suggest the internships as per the record. 
  • If you want to manually find internships, then go to Search Panel available over the website and fill details such as Internship Preference, Location, and Duration. 
  • After you set the details, a list of matching internships will be displayed for you to select anyone. 
  • Once you find the perfect one and have researched about it, you can click the Apply button. 
  • After clicking Apply, the website will show your details to review, as this information will be viewed by the employer. You can make modifications to your details(resume) and click SUBMIT. 
  • After some time, your application will be viewed by Employer and notification will be sent to your registered email as well as to your Dashboard on InternTheory. 
Once you get Shortlisted by any company, then you will contact you via email for the further selection procedure. 
The company will provide every detail such as Stipend, duration, LoR, PPO, Certificate, Location, Work preference(Part time, Full time, Work From Home). 

Company Portal:
  • The same procedure goes for Company as well.
  • They need to fill in the company details, the internships, benefits of internships and shortlist the students which will match their company standards. 
Now if we consider a reputed organization GeeksForGeeks who is been giving tutorials about many coding languages, helping us with competitive exams, is now providing internships via InternTheory. 
They have listed positions for students to apply and it will be a great honor for any student to get selected by GeeksForGeeks. 

Here are some open positions:
  • Content Writer
  • Software Developer
  • Photoshop and UI/UX Designer. 
  • Video animator.
  • Digital Marketing.
  • Campus Ambassador.
Most of these positions are for 'Work From Home' category with an amazing stipend. 
So for engineers who are fed up with coding, they must try for such interesting internships. 

According to me, InternTheory is the best place to look for any internships. Plus they display the company's address to students. So the student can believe that its a registered organization and can apply without any doubts. 

Every type of internships is available here. Fields like Content Writing, Digital Marketing, Android programming, Java developer, PhotoShop, etc are open to apply here. 

So don't waste your energy in searching for companies manually. Get registered at no cost and get the internship in that field you have passion in. 

Apart from providing internships, Intern Theory is also providing online courses for trending fields like Digital Marketing. Stock Market, Web Development, Tally+GST course at reasonable rates. 

Learn and Do Something today that your future self will thank you for ;)

So, viewers, this was all about InternTheory for now. 
If you have any doubts, then do post in the Comment Box below. 

Hope you have found this post useful. 
Keep visiting us for further updates. 

Thank you :)

Team MinshTech. 

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