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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Google provides Machine Learning crash course for free!

Hey there viewers! Today I will be introducing you to the demand of today's business world. Nowadays, all the online business and websites run on only one technology i.e. Machine Learning.

Machine learning for free

What Machine Learning really is? 

Have you ever wondered how Facebook recommends you the videos you searched on Google?
Ever wondered how photo searches are retrieved so perfectly while using Google Photos app?
Like you type "beach" in the search box then every picture related to beaches and sea gets appeared in Google Photos app.
Then how Youtube recommends you the list of video which was based on recent watched videos?

Here Machine Learning(ML) is the key concept behind such results.

> By using ML, programmers can take the technology to next level. Developers can even develop such systems such as:
  • Detect skin diseases with just one photo and recommending treatments for it.  
  • Analyze the deficiency in plants and provide solutions to repair it. 
  • Observe the behavior of users by web searches and provide recommendations based on their behavior.
> ML have a major contribution to the development of organizations to learn, predict, adapt and operate on their own.

> ML uses a set of mathematical computations to analyze the behavior of users and provide them the stuff they want. ML is a trending technology which is majorly used by Google itself.

So now Google is giving us a chance to learn ML from scratch and that too for free of cost. In this course, you will also get to know about TensorFlow and can practice ML by using TensorFlow.

You just need to get enrolled in the program by clicking this link Machine Learning Crash Course

From there you can see a list of tutorials along with duration. It is a self-paced course. You can access it at any time and there is no deadline to complete it.

Machine learning crash course

Key Features of this course:

  • Lectures provided by Google researchers.
  • Learn Machine Learning from basics. 
  • Get introduced to TensorFlow, which is one of the well-known Machine Learning APIs. 
  • Learn more by analyzing real-world case studies. 
  • No time limit. 
  • Practice the knowledge by means of exercise provided. 
  • Free of cost. 


  • Little knowledge of Python.

*Currently, there is no update of any free certificate.

Machine learning course will not only make you capable of developing systems but you can also land a high paying job in any company. Companies are in need of a Machine Learning Engineer to expand their business and they want candidates that can develop such system which will learn on its own.

So this was about the course and it is highly recommended to take up this course and learn trending technology upon which today's world is operating.

For those who are interested to learn Machine Learning but don't find any resource for it, this course will surely build up the basics of ML and TensorFlow.

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