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About Us

MinshTech (previously known as Tantradhnyan) was founded on November 22, 2014, with a thought to keep people updated with technology world.

It was a dream of 2 engineering students Minoli Vartak and Jash Unadkat to do something out of syllabus. Later on, Minoli developed this blog which later on was joined by Jash to share more updates.
Along with sections on site, the logo too evolved and finally, the best was developed.

The description of site is as follows:-

  • Apps - Here you will find all the useful apps for BlackBerry, Android, Windows, iOS and all the details related to it. We will help you to determine which applications will be much more productive in your life. It will help you to enhance your experience performing interesting operations on your device.
  • News - In this section, you will be kept updated about all latest technologies related to Robots, Smartphones, Software applications, Gaming, Windows, Android, Ios, Blackberry etc..
  • Gadgets - The whole world waits for new devices that can make their work easier. So to introduce viewers to new smart devices around the world, this section has been made available. 
  • Mobiles - Confused in selecting new smartphones?? Now no need to be confused because in this section. You can explore all the updates about upcoming latest smartphones according to their budget, features, and popularity! It will help you to find the best device of your choice that too an affordable rate.                       
  • Online courses - It's an interesting section where you can explore n number of courses related to computer science (programming, app developing, analytics etc). This might help you achieve certificates which may further help you get a high paying job.
  • How to - Here you will be guided to resolve any issue.